Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Time to Dance

It's usually just my four year old at me at the house during the day. It might sound strange, but it can get pretty quiet. My solution? Music. I listen to music while cleaning, writing, and sometimes just so we can dance. I'm afraid that I'll have to take credit for my little boy's breathless, whole-body-spinning, arms-outstretched dancing. I've never been graceful, but in the privacy of my living room, I get a little free spirited. His uncoordinated dance is from the soul though, so I can't be too sorry.

This song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts" from The PianoGuys has become one of our favorites. When the song comes on, my little boy says "Mom, it's your favorite song!" and he starts dancing. He even checks to see if I'm dancing, since I've told him my feet won't stay still when it plays. Give it a try! See if you can listen without smiling. Better yet, see if you can make it through without dancing.


  1. Wow! I absolutely love this music. Thanks for sharing. My heart was dancing.

  2. I love free spirited dancing with my kids! I'm really enjoying your blog posts. Oh, yes, and I gave you an award. If you want it, check it out:

  3. Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you both enjoy dancing too. ;)

  4. That song always makes me smile. Maybe even grin. :)