I blinked and the year was over.
I had changed, but like the seconds it takes to spin a circle I barely had time to enjoy the rotation before January was back and everything was different.
I published a book.
I met three of the best boys in the world and their equally incredible parents.
I moved. Twice.
I feel in love with a ward. Twice.
And twice I said goodbye to people I love.
I learned to walk slower, wait better, and love deeper.
I met heroes and heroines.
I danced in the living room while snow fell outside.
I sewed so many projects I can't count them, learned to crochet better, and make my own patterns.
I learned how to grind and use my own wheat.
I took my baby boy to first grade.
I gave birth to a red haired angel with the most beautiful smile.
I'm in love. I'm surrounded by love.
God touched my life with divine gifts.
He stands as a constant friend and help. 
He takes my burdens and makes them light.
He is the light that leads me through every dark road.
Thanks be to Him for the gift that was 2013.

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