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-The author has captured the workings of Morgan’s teenaged mind and has created some likable, multi-dimensional characters. Narrated by Morgan in first person, her thoughts as well as the conversations among the characters feel authentic. Brown, a Utah resident, also shares a realistic and sympathetic portrayal of the life of a large family living in rural Utah. There is a nice rhythm to the story that keeps the reader turning pages. -Rosemarie Howard, Deseret News

-Every girl can relate to Morgan and the stress of parents, school, and boys - and that is one of my favorite things about her in this book. She feels real!!  

The author, JoLyn Brown, does a wonderful job of developing the characters, helping you understand and love them, and creating a fantastic storyline that entraps you with adventure, emotions, and love. You'll laugh and cry, cheer and boo, and thoroughly enjoy this tale of Morgan's summer journey.
 A Five Star read for me! -Marci Preece Stand & Shine Magazine


-Despite the heavy subject matter, "Break" is an uplifting, hopeful novel. Brown's writing is simple and vivid, making her characters and setting feel real. . . ."Break" tackles some tough subjects like death, divorce, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and Brown handles the sensitive material with grace. -Rachel Chipman, Deseret News

-Break is another great book by JoLyn Brown. I feel this author really understands teenage struggles and did an exceptional job with this book. Anxiety is a hard issue and a struggle for so many, and I feel JoLyn really new her stuff. -Min Reads and Reviews

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