A New Look

I'm so excited to update you about what's happening in my writing world. I've decided to republish Run and Break with new covers on Amazon Kindle. They are currently available on Kindle Unlimited and will soon be on Print on Demand. Or, if you just want to buy the eBook, you can do that too. 

You may be wondering why I've changed my author name. J.D. Brown is my Young Adult Author pen name, just to help keep my different genres separate. (I have plans for other books in other genres in the future.) I've also got a new series title, Inspired by Faith. This series will include Run and Break with a prequel called Jump that will be coming out next year. 

Because of the way I had to republish, I was only able to get the reviews for Run transferred from the previous edition of the books. Break is sitting there all lonely with just a few reviews. If you have reviewed Break in the past, or if you have read it and never reviewed it, it would help me out a ton if you'd leave a review on the new edition. Of course, leaving a review for Run is also very welcome. The links are below or click on the photos. 

Run by J. D. Brown

Break by J. D. Brown