The Ending of a Chapter or Not. . .

The amount of boys in the house today is fluctuating between five and seven. They are playing video games. Together. It's a small miracle there isn't more fighting, and the noise level is tolerable. The baby is kicking like crazy, like she's worried she'll be forgot in the chaos. No worries. Big brother has now began to notice the baby bump and she gets greeted more frequently than myself. He kisses the belly sometimes. His face is the perfect height to ram it right into her. It's good, right? That she gets used to that sort of thing now?

We are moving on Saturday. Again. It's strange to think this chapter of our lives is ending. Going back to the silence of the three of us will take some getting used to. Sometimes I look at the four boys piled on the couch and the four of us adults trying desperately to rein them in for scriptures and prayers and I want to freeze everything. You'd think with the one on one ratio of child to adult, it'd be a little easier. It's not. And somehow, that's comforting.

Being a writer gives you a different perspective on a chapter ending. You usually put it in the place that would most urge someone to read on. A Circle of Sisters is published. We are moving. My hubby is graduated from college. The baby we've waited for is finally coming. This is way too neat and tidy of a place to end a chapter.

Just sayin'

On further thought, maybe this isn't the end of a chapter, but the book. So I'm bound to feel a little sad. But sometimes we need endings. We like things to wrap up and look nice.

And then I always want to know the rest of the story. So on Saturday I'm going to start the sequel.

I can't really tell you want it will be about. God has been silent on that part so far. But I've learned the more you write, the better you get at it. I expect if that holds true to life, this next book will be better than the last.

Guest Interview: Susan Dayley

Susan Dayley is a contributing author for A Circle of Sisters. A Circle of Sisters is now available in Deseret Book and online at Here is the latest link to the Deseret Book listing

I asked Susan what her likes, interests and hobbies are.
Besides all things books? Finding what’s at the end of the trail, getting dirt under my nails in the garden, and drinking from very small cups while sitting in a very small chair across the table from my granddaughter. I also love my job—mornings I tutor students at a private school—and I’m adapting to taking classes again at the local university.
My garden gate

What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever done?
I’ve done some really unusual things, but I can’t tell you what they are. J On a less sensational scale—I had a 6-month honeymoon, have shot a police-issued, 45 caliber pistol, and ate total vegan for over 10 years. 

If you could go on a dream vacation, where would you go?
Someplace with mountains: Switzerland, Machu Picchu, parts of China, or Victor, Idaho. Or old Jerusalem.

In your biography you mentioned a love for canyon trails. What is your favorite memory of hiking or being in the outdoors? I love that we were able to hike the Subway (Zions NP) last year with our children and their families (including some very scary slot swims—for me—and a couple of tricky climb-downs), but I also love the time my DH and I climbed all over the rice terraces in Banaui, Philippines.
 My son on the last down-climb in the Subway

My daughters in the Subway.

Banaui rice terraces--taken through the hotel window--thus the glare

You also mentioned a love for writing. Aside from your story in A Circle of Sisters, what sort of things do you write? My first published book is about Jonah—for adults (Redemption) (it’s not nearly as heavy as the title sounds, but is full of fascinating facts), and my latest, Cold Pursuit just went to press.

Would you be willing to share a little about your current project? Cold Pursuit is a mystery / suspense with romance and a huge twist. [Link to post about book.] The whole concept was driven by the idea of making it “interactive.”

For more about Susan or her books, check out her blog at

Unrelated to Books, But I'm Really Excited . . .

This has nothing to do with A Circle of Sisters. (Surprise! I think all my last posts have been.) If you read my post called "Waiting" you probably already know we are expecting. It was kind of vague. To clarify, another little one will be joining us in October.

Yesterday we went for an ultrasound. So now you can guess what I'm REALLY excited about.

We are having a girl.


After six years of my little boy and six months of three extra boys, I'm not  sure what I will do with a girl, but I am so happy.

Break out the bows and flowers, and cute dresses and my sewing machine. And maybe I should get some help doing hair . . .

A Circle of Sisters is on Amazon!

Well, I spent a week at Girls Camp and got home to find that not only is A Circle of Sisters on Amazon, but it is in e-book format as well! If you want to check it out, here's the link. Oh, and don't forget to join the Goodreads give away, too!

Where's the Drum Roll, Please?

I am asking myself if this is even possible.
Well here's the photo for proof.
And in case I wake up tomorrow and think it was a dream,
It will be here for everyone to see.

Its not about my name on the cover.
Though it sounds sentimental.
Its about the women I've come to know and love
who gave a bit of themselves to me
when I asked.
They knew, like I did,
that God has a wonderful work for his daughters.

When you read this, know you are meeting women who have touched my life.
And even though, for some of them, writing these stories down was hard and scary,
they did it anyway.
So when I look at this picture I'm not seeing a book.
I'm seeing sisters who love me.
And I feel so blessed to be a part of their circle.