I started this blog in 2011, before I had published a single book. My single qualification for posts was they focus on small and simple things that were good. Over the years, this blog has evolved to include my books and writing career, but I hope the core goal remains the same. Not just because I hope something I write can inspire others, but also because I've come to rely on this space for my own expression and thoughts. I need to keep looking for the good in the small everyday things.

My blog has now followed me though my son going through elementary school, three miscarriages, three moves, the birth of my daughter, struggles with depression and anxiety, the creation of all my books, and the life changing experience of having my husband diagnosed with cancer.

As I look over the posts here, I realize that real life is the best place to harvest ideas. In all the books that I've written there are traces of things I've learned and experienced. I've been inspired by life and especially by my life. I hope this blog can help you find something in your own life that can inspire you. Remember your life is a story, and when things are hard, there is always another page, another chapter, or another beginning just waiting for you to find it. 

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