A "Good Things" Photo Hunt

I had an idea last night around midnight to find something good, and just for fun, take a picture. I'm no photographer, and my camera's battery meter is always on red when I pull it out. Most of my pictures are sitting in unorganized digital folders waiting to be scrapbooked. (Hmm, ironically it just reminded me of the haphazard collection of boxes in my mother's basement that she plans on scrapbooking someday.... In honor of the photo above, I'll admit the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)

Anyway, my mind was already wrapped around the project this morning, so I sent my little boy for his shoes. Several great things happened. First, I didn't drop the camera. (Inside I am giving myself a cheer.) If you know me, you know why that is worth celebrating. If you don't, let's just say I once dropped a camera down the steps of a lighthouse. The second thing, it was warm enough to let my bunnies out. They are now happily hopping around in their play yard. Finally, I found lots of cool stuff and took so many pictures, I had to have my little boy pick the one to post. He liked the apples, probably because he was eating one at the time. They tasted really good.

This idea led to another. What if I took one photo of something good everyday for a week? What good things I could find if I were constantly on the look out for a photo? I'll tell you how it worked out next week. Meanwhile, if you get a chance to take your own photo, I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Looking for the good and beautiful can be found anywhere and is such an uplifting way to go about each day. I might have to get my camera out for more things than grandchildren. Nice post.

  2. Fun shot! Makes me want to go eat an apple. :)

    As to finding something good to take a picture of every day ... I think it would give your day a lift. And that would make it so worthwhile!

    Tried to click to follow your blog, but blogger was having issues, so will try again later.