Call for Stories Reminder

I go to my inbox. New mail and another story. The mouse hesitates over the subject line. Some of these women I have never met. I can hardly believe that they are letting me read their stories. They write about trials, times they've said goodbye to those they love, and every time I feel the spirit, a sweet witness of a testimony in their words. They know that God loves them. They love the Relief Society. As I read, little bits of their stories leave traces on me. For a moment, staring at that brand new email, I think about what's inside and I cannot just open it.

"Thank you," I pray silently, because what I read, what I learn about these sisters, is a blessing.

It happens often now, not just in a email. I tell someone I am looking for stories about the Relief Society, and without prompting, tears fill their eyes.

"There was this one time...." they start.

They tell me how the Lord filled their mouths when they didn't know what to say. They testify about the moment they were led with shaking hands to a sister and found in her a friend. As I listen, I think, "Why do I get to be the one to hear these miracles?" Because I know some of these experiences no one else will ever hear.

I don't know the answer to that yet. All I know is that I'm grateful. Grateful for the emails, the unexpected stories told in cars, the phone call from a neighbor, and most of all, the testimonies born.

Keep writing. I'll never be able to fully explain it, but every sweet story you send will make a difference. Thank you.


  1. Can you share what you are going to do with the stories? Has your idea been accepted or are you going to submit to a publisher or self-publish? Will you do the stories anonymously? I'm intrigued because I just started a similar conglomeration about bishops. I probably just need to find your previous post on this. Just letting you know I'm interested.

  2. Hi Renae, yes, two LDS publishers have expressed interest in the completed manuscript. There are more details on the "Submission Guidelines" page at the top of my blog. Its good to know your interested. Good luck with your project.