A Part for Each of Us

I've been rolling this idea round for a while now, thoughts about self-image, self-esteem, and the way we see ourselves in the world. I imagine a lot of us are frozen. The same way I hesitate over writing this. The same way I choke over my words when I have something to say, afraid to let it out. I'm afraid of offending someone. I'm afraid of not being good enough to say what I feel I should say.

Admitting that was a beginning and I walked away from this post for several days. I went to a critique group, to church, to my exercise class. I looked on Facebook. I talked to people. Everywhere I went, I found someone going though similar fears and doubts. Could it be the weather? Could it just be a coincidence?

In the midst of this, a song kept coming up on my playlists. I've listened to it everyday it seems. I found it on youtube. The video itself has a few typos, but I thought it might be worth posting, since if you listen to the song, it says things I think we forget.

Maybe we forget these things because we're scared. Maybe there's a voice inside us telling us we are not good enough, that we can't make a difference.

Those thoughts are lies. God doesn't send those thoughts to us. We let them in and they keep us in a personal trap of fear and doubt. We think that we will never be like so and so, never be quite good enough.

Maybe, after all this fear, the truth is we are good enough. Maybe the truth is that if we let go of our fear and take that step we've been dreading, then we will find that we have become a small and simple thing the Lord can use in amazing ways.

Its winter. The cold outside seeps into me this time of year, but another voice is saying to let go of every dark thought. Just beyond this place of doubt and discouragement, my Savior stands with open arms and power to make everything I lack into what He needs. In God's hands, I am enough for whatever He would have me do. I believe that. I hope you believe that too.

I want to share a quote I found on lds.org.  I hope we all can find the courage to face our fears with faith.

"Imagine how the world will be blessed and transformed for good when all members of the Lord’s Church live up to their true potential—converted in the depth of their souls and committed to building the kingdom of God. 

“In some way, each of us stands at a decision point overlooking the water. It is my prayer that we will have faith, move forward, face our fears and doubts with courage, and say to ourselves, ‘I’m committed!’"-President Uchtdorf


  1. Great post, as usual! I agree- I think we all do this to ourselves.

  2. Beautiful post, Jolyn! I need to print this out.

  3. elder Holland recently said that it's time to get over our fears and insecurities. He said "Don't you dare just go blend into the amoral, telestial, hard-scrabble world of today." (I memorized it because it gave me so much strength)It is so scary to believe that we are enough. I don't know why. I just know it is. Maybe because then we are responsible to do and be and not just wonder.
    I love your post.

  4. Thanks for the uplifting thoughts, Jo. I needed them to cope with work today :) ♥