God Gave Me You

Does anyone get tired of me posting music videos? I'll try and branch out some...next week.

My aunt had this music video on her Facebook page several weeks ago. I secretly viewed it twice (okay maybe three times) and tried to purchase the song on iTunes. I couldn't because our password had been changed, at which point I gave in and admitted to my husband that I wanted it. I say "give in" because he and I don't always agree on music.

I harbor these weird country music urges that all the "popular" music he exposes me to has yet to quench. It's something about the way I felt singing "Angels Among Us" in the car with my cousins. Someone kept pushing replay until we were all belting it out at the top of our lungs and goosebumps prickled up and down my arms.  That and Dad used to play everything from Roger Miller to Johnny Horton. Country music somehow got mixed up in his stories about growing up. So I "gave in," because I REALLY, REALLY like this song. After all that, the only comment my hubby made was, "I don't mind. I know we like different music."

He was kind enough to purchase the song for me and supply the right password, which I'd been spelling wrong.  Go figure. (Do you know how many problems in my life are solved by figuring out how to spell something right?)

My husband's really sweet sometimes. Points for him!

Okay, back to the subject. Here is the music video, which is really only a link, because you apparently have to go to you tube to watch it, but click below and enjoy, then hop back here.

(Now you get why I like it so much, right?)

It's because it talks about those people that come into your life as if sent straight from God. You can't feel sorry for yourself when you're thinking about people like that. I've found them in schools, on the sidewalk, on buses, in my house, and, lucky for me, once as I walked out of my Book of Mormon class. A tall, dark haired boy held the door for me that day, and six years later, he's become my best friend and partner in Forever.

Yesterday, I found a person God has given me in the backseat of my car. My son and I were driving through town. Every time I hit a puddle and the spray of water slapped across the windows, I gasped, as if I hadn't meant to drive straight into all the enormous puddles between our house and preschool. My little boy laughed like I was some sort of brilliant comedian. Ah, it's good to be brilliant to someone.

Who has God given you? You'll be amazed to find that the numbers keep rising. Crazy, how perfect our lives seem when we trace the days of doubt and find someone standing there every time. Can we even question His promise? "I will be on your right hand and on your left and my spirit shall be in your hearts and mine angels round about you to bare you up." (D&C 84:88)

I'd love to hear about the people in your life who are gifts from God. Go ahead and leave a comment!


  1. Great song and great post! My family is my biggest gift. But I recently posted about a friend in my critique group who asked me to join her group at the right time for me and has been a great support ever since. I hope I can be that support to everyone around me. Thanks for a little sunshine on a snowy day for me.

  2. My husband laughs and tolerates my love of country music. He wants to know why I like it and I tell him, "because it's a story." What does a writer love more than a story? And God gave me that mocking, handsome man who makes fun of me for liking stories. When he laughs at me I learn to laugh at myself. When he loves me I learn to love myself. when he forgives me I learn to forgive myself. And that is love.