WIP: A Click of the Mouse

8 months
50 stories, plus one extra
34 contributors
Their biographies
A Table of Contents
A Bibliography
A new query letter

And it all comes down to one email, three attachments
and a single click of the mouse.

What was that scripture about small and simple things?

I don't know if the great things coming from that small click will be possible publication of A Circle of Sisters.
I guess that's one way to measure this journey.

But, really, it doesn't measure anything at all.
How do you list uncountable prayers, life changing moments, the value of new friends, and the rediscovery of life long friends, neighbors and family?

Small and simple things. Yes.

And God has changed my life forever.

How do you attach that to an email?

In other good news:
A package arrived at my house with a newly published book that includes two of my own stories! It's called Values Stories for a Young Woman. Check it out here and I hope you all had a great July.


  1. JoLyn, congratulations on the new book, I love the cover. I'm currently serving in the YW presidency in my ward and will have to get a copy. Good luck with your WIP.

  2. Thanks Diony. I hear your book is coming out soon! Congratulations!