My Life: 101 Things Before I Die

Mount Timpanogos by Photo Dean

My youngest brother poked his head out of the garage about three weeks ago to find our family sitting on the back porch. "Anyone want to hike Timp?"

In August? In the HEAT?

"We'd leave early in the morning, before the sun's up."

Well, sure. We're game.

All seven of us. Except my husband who has been trying to talk me out of it. This is crazy. We're not in that great of shape. It's uphill. Your scared of heights. It's not that great. It takes like seven hours. It's going to get hot. 

I relented for all of a weekend. He was probably right. We should plan better and do it at a different time of year. But I started thinking about this list I made; "101 Things to Do Before I Die." I don't know if hiking Timp is on that list. I'm not even sure where that list is. But even if it isn't on there, it should be. What were the chances of us actually hiking to the top of Timp another time?

I came up with a solution. I'd go without him. He's already been to the top before, twice. I've never been. And I want to do it. Thank you, list of things to do before I die.

I told my husband.

"No, if you're going, I'm coming too. You have to make the choice for both of us. Then I can blame you when I'm sore after."

What happened to agency? I refuse to take responsibility for any after effects my husband might have. I'm not sure I've convinced him I won't though.

I'm hiking Timpanogos Mountain. Its over 11,700 feet up, and the trail is seven miles with an elevation gain of more than 4500 feet. I might be crazy. Maybe we should be listening to the only one of us who's actually hiked it before, but I'll get to cross something off my list!

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