Unrelated to Books, But I'm Really Excited . . .

This has nothing to do with A Circle of Sisters. (Surprise! I think all my last posts have been.) If you read my post called "Waiting" you probably already know we are expecting. It was kind of vague. To clarify, another little one will be joining us in October.

Yesterday we went for an ultrasound. So now you can guess what I'm REALLY excited about.

We are having a girl.


After six years of my little boy and six months of three extra boys, I'm not  sure what I will do with a girl, but I am so happy.

Break out the bows and flowers, and cute dresses and my sewing machine. And maybe I should get some help doing hair . . .


  1. Congratulations, Jolyn. Girls are fun. I'm glad I have one.

  2. Wahoo! Contrats, Joyln. Get ready for hormones...

  3. Contrats! Girls are super fun (but lots of work) Still, a little less testosterone in the home will be great for you:)

  4. So exciting! I have two girls at my house and they are wonderful...dress up, painting fingernails, doing your hair, playing dolls...good times!

  5. YAY! I am so excited for you and Jacob. Your little guy is probably not as excited as the two of you, since it will be a girl, but he'll adjust and will be a good big brother!