I'm Blamming Pinterest

I have a tendency to fixate on things. I can't put a book down until I've read the whole thing. I start writing and dinner doesn't happen. I decide to clean and end up reorganizing cupboards. I lay in bed at night planning the next day, only to not get any sleep. Lately it's been baby projects that keep me awake. I imagine how things will look, how I will reuse things laying around the house, and how I will end up being a great frugal mom.

Just so you know, nothing ever works out the way I expect.

A year ago, I dreamed up grand visions for a quilt made from old jeans. I finished it this week. That was after it sat for months in storage waiting to be tied, only to discover pre-washing the back fabric had shrunk it, finding a new back (an old sheet, thank-you Mom), sewing the binding on wrong, thinking my sewing machine was broken, and discovering it was just the needle. I was ready to pull my hair out. And that thing was heavy. And interrupting my dreams for cute little baby girl dresses. I somehow felt it HAD to be finished before I started anything new.

Here is the end result. I got to the point were I just wanted it done. So don't look too closely.

Okay, minor detour, but I put together a book about a year ago. (Yes, I'm taking about A Circle of Sisters.) The editors suggested I set up a Pinterest account to help advertise my book. I'd been steadfastly avoiding Pinterest for a long time. But for the book, I'd do it.

I think the first thing I pinned was a link to how to make a cool building toy out of cardboard. My first board ended up being called "Homemade Toys." It's just gone downhill from there.

Aside from writing, I love making things. Pinterest is the black hole of "making things." I'll admit to attempting to include boards that help me with writing, but seriously, I'm spending most of my time looking up craft projects.

So after finishing my grand levi quilt yesterday, I finally felt free. Free to start DOING those things that Pinterest waves in my face. Six hours later, I had this.

You'd think a diaper bag made from material leftover from sword bags I made for my husband (don't ask) wouldn't make me so excited, but this was just so cute! It has pockets on the outside AND inside! (I figured out how to do that myself!)

It was midnight (actually 12:30.) I was worn out. I'd unpicked so many seams it was ridiculous. But I was so pleased that I stayed awake planning my next project.

I'm blaming Pinterest. It's cursed me with a never ending supply of "projects." I hope this baby appreciates homemade things. I'm thinking I'm going to make burp cloths and baby shoes next.