Happy Birthday to the Blog (24 Things to Celebrate Online)

This month is the second year birthday of my blog. To celebrate, I've put together a list of 24 good things you can find online; one for each month the blog has been going. Some of these you'll have seen before, but I hope you find something to inspire you today. If you want to join the celebration, share something you are grateful for in the comments!
  1. "I Will Rise" with Alex Boye. (I listen to this song almost every day) 
  2. This is the cutest little picture and saying. If you don't have much time, this one will only take a second and it's worth it!
  3. Facebook Pages for General Authorities! (Scroll to bottom of the Article) 
  4. Brother Helping Little Sister(Video)
  5. This reminds me of Girls Camp ("CUPS" Video)
  6. Dairy Queen Employee and The Blind Customer (Article) 
  7. MADE (My New Favorite Sewing Website) 
  8. Love One Another (A Mormon Message that my sunbeams loved!)
  9. I Dig Pinterest  (What a great idea! This blog actually gives feedback on doing things that you pin!)
  10. Jordan McCollum's website! (This blog is packed with help for authors!)
  11. Taylor Swift and the Piano Guys . . . seriously, can it get any better than that? (Begin Again Video)
  12. Validation. Okay, this is a little longer, but so great! (And it has TJ Thyne from Bones.)
  13. BYU Vocal Point "Jump, Jive an' Wail." IN THE LIBRARY! (Video)
  14. Girls Get Easter Pranked with Live Animals. (I'm still laughing about this one.)
  15. In The Head of Al Fox (This is an amazing and inspiring blog!)
  16. Webcam 101 for Seniors (This is seriously so cute!)
  17. A new book release, Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson, author of Edenbrooke. (This takes you straight to the amazon page because why wouldn't you want this? It's going on my Christmas list.)
  18. Utah Valley Family Adventures (Blog featuring one family's outings all over Utah. Great to find something to do with your family close to home, if you live in Utah.)
  19. Tonight You Belong to Me (Video of Little Girl and Her Dad Singing)
  20. Opportunities to Do Good ( Another great Mormon Message that reminds me of many similar experiences I've seen in my own neighborhoods and wards.)
  21. How to teach a child to tie their shoes!(Video)
  22. The Pioneer Woman Cooks (This blog not only has great recipes, but she has me laughing while I read them!)
  23. Elderly Couple at the Mayo Clinic (Video)
  24. Conference Link! Conference.lds.org (I love that all the sessions can be live streamed. It's this weekend, so don't miss it.)

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