November Graditude and A Circle of Sisters Giveaway!

It's mid-November and I can feel something coming over me,
It's a slow excitement building, but not just that.
It's hope and love and a wash of memories
that seem to be stored up just for this time of year.
Like everything sweet in my life is about to circle back into it in one way or another.
It's family parties.
Singing a weird combination of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer with my siblings.
It's being curled up in sleeping bags unable to sleep because my mother and her sisters are upstairs laughing while they plot their after Thanksgiving shopping trip.
It's pie sampling the night before Thanksgiving.
Aunt Jane wearing Granny's old apron.
A line of tables stretching from one end of the house to the other and everyone laughing when someone asks for the potatoes and they get passed the long way around the table, twice.

It's music.
My senior year in choir. Blue corsages, red roses made of chocolate kisses, and the sound of Silent Night and The Halleluiah Chorus.
It's the first time I held my own baby at Christmas.
It's Mary and a manger and another baby born to save me.
It's God and everything He's given me unfolding itself again as I remember.

What has God given you? A memory? A loved one? An experience?
November is always about giving thanks. So I'm jumping into the experience with a giveaway of a free copy of A Circle of Sisters. Even if you already have a copy for yourself, with Christmas coming, this would make a great gift for someone you visit teach, a mother, grandma, sister, or friend. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is post one thing you are grateful for on the blog. I'll be picking a winner at random a week from today.

I can't wait to see what you are grateful for!


  1. What, we have to choose only one thing to be grateful for? LOL. I'd have to say I'm grateful for my life (which includes everything, friends, family, the whole world etc.)

  2. This is what I love about you, JoLyn. Everything touches you. You feel so much. I try to be like that, too. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful to have a family; a wonderful husband, a gifted step-daughter, and two awesome adopted kids.

  3. I am grateful for health today. I've been blessed with overall good health my whole life. Especially today as i pray for my dear sweet aunt who is fighting for her life at to young of an age due to a heart attack. Thanks for your post today JoLynn.

  4. I'm grateful to good parents who raised me well and gave me self-confidence building experiences. This has led to trying new things and feeling like I can accomplish what I want to. Dream big, everybody!

  5. I'm grateful for sisters! and much much more!

  6. I thought I just posted, but it seems to have disappeared. So here's another try... I'm grateful for sisters that always seem to call at just the right time, aren't families awesome?!!!

  7. I am grateful for good music and its ability to help us forget our troubles and just dance.