My Life: Remembering Little Things Matter

My first semester at BYU, I ended up in one of the Tuesday devotionals. I can't remember what the talk was about or who spoke. After it ended, I joined the flood of students making their way back from the Marriott Center. Rain spilled down on us as we threaded our way over the twisting crosswalks that arched over the main roads. Wiser students than me, popped open umbrellas they'd carried with them.  A girl who I didn't know, and who I've never seen since, held her umbrella over my head until we got to the main campus. Its been more than eight years, but I still remember her.

A month or so after my baby was born, I went to the grocery store. I carried her in one of those baby slings and I loaded all the groceries on the belt by reaching over and around her. I was pretty worn down and starting to realize I wasn't as far healed from the birthing process as I thought I was. I still had to bag everything myself. As I struggled to pack up my purchases, an older gentleman reached across the bagging center and began to help, leaving his own groceries waiting.

I saw this video on Facebook today. I needed it. Little things do matter. There are so many good things in the world around me. Even in the middle of winter, there is love in the simplest acts. When has someone done something unexpected or small for you? Did it make a difference?

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