Reading Corner: Finding Sleeping Beauty

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If you like modern spins on fairy tales, check out this book by Tarrah Motgomery. When Princess Danielle learns the true nature of the curse she's had since she was a child, everything changes. Literally. With a walk through a strange door in an old house, she finds herself in none other than Shelby, Idaho. 

But Shelby has plenty of adventure of it's own. From high school to cute farm boys to spud festivals, Danielle is in for a slew of unexpected changes, all while struggling to avoid the curse that has somehow followed her to Idaho. 

With plenty of fairy tale references and twists, readers will enjoy trying to figure out which character is from which well-known story. I'd recommend this book to preteen girls and any one who wants a fun,  romantic, slightly cowboy flavored twist on a fairy tale. This is a clean read and the second book in The Princess Chronicles. 

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