WIP-Wraping up the Search for Stories

The final week of the month is now devoted to updates on my works in progress (WIP.) I'm happy to share that I now have forty-two of the fifty Relief Society stories I need. The collection is coming together one experience at a time. I'm so excited for the day I'll get to share it with you, whether it gets a publisher or not, it needs to be read. As I go through each story, one after another, the voices of many sisters create a very powerful testimony of the love of our Savior and the power of God in the lives of His daughters. His work is very much alive.

As I wrap up my search for stories, I hope each of you will consider your own experiences one more time. Maybe you didn't have anything to share a few months ago, but time has somehow landed a tender memory or sweet experience in your life since then. Write it up and send it to me. The Lord is working in your life too. I'm certain we only need to look to see His hand. I can't wait to see these final eight stories. I'm setting my last deadline for June 9, 2012. Feel free to pass the info about the new deadline along to anyone else you know who may have a story.

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