Women I Admire: Interview with Cynthia Joan Mitchell

I'm so excited for you to meet Cynthia Joan Mitchell. I was first introduced to her when she sent me a story for A Circle of Sisters. She's an amazing writer and I totally fell in love with her mother-in-law, who the story was about. Since then she's sent me several more stories and that left me both laughing and teary-eyed. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to hear she was willing to do this. Since the interview was long and there is just so much fun stuff to learn about her, I'm going to post bits of it through out the week. I hope you love getting to know her as much as I did.

Phase One: Lets Have a Little Fun

I asked my mom and little brother for suggestions for questions to ask. I bet you can guess how helpful that was. Here's what they ended up with:

1)What's your favorite color?  
Razzmatazz…really, Google it or look in your Crayola box.
2) Why? 
I just love saying it.
3) How does that color make you feel? 
Pretty flashy! 
It went on and on until it ended with this:
4) What song does your favorite color make you think of?
Wow!  I can’t think of one so we’ll just have to make one up.  Are you with me???
Sing along with any off key tune you can think of.  (That’s generally how I sing roll.)
Razzmatazz is so much fun
I like to say it when I run.
Razzmatazz makes me feel great
I’ll say it quick before it’s late
OoOoOH….Razzmatazz….You’re so fine!
I’ll sing this verse another time.
                                                       ….how was that???

Perfect. ;)

Honestly I was hoping to go a little deeper than that with my questions, but now that I consider the fact that Mom wasn't feeling well, and little brother is, well, little brother, I think I might have got better results consulting my four year old.
So now I will:

1)What games do you like to play? (He mentioned, transformers, or hunters, or Star Wars, just to give you some ideas)
I like to play Hide and Go Seek…You count to 100 and then come find me…don’t miss any numbers now!  Note: Pretty good game…With a good hiding place you can take a nice little nap.
2)Would you like to play transformers, or hunters, or Star Wars?
I would love to play Star Wars with you if you let me be Chewbacca.  He’s a little hairy but I think it would be fun to sway back and forth and make weird sounds.
He followed up with this "And that's all of the good questions I can give to tell you. I can tell you some more tomorrow." (No that is not a typo. He really said it like that.)
With that promise, I'll post my more serious questions tomorrow!

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