Great Things to Come

I let December fly by. A torrent of busy days. A blink, maybe, of an eye. It bought unexpected news that changed the direction my family was about to go. And for a little while I felt lost. Like I stood in place squinting into darkness, unsure where or what to do next.

Wasn't there supposed to be an effectual door somewhere?

A hand?

A light?


Yes. And it came.

It came in prayer. In the words of Prophets and scriptures. In the trust I saw in my husbands eyes, heard in his words. In the listening ears of family members, willing to be both upset and strong for us. It came in the laughter of extra children staying for a month, flooding the house with happiness, chaos and love. It came in the words of neighbors, arms open, ready to offer all they could, an arm to lean on, a smile, a story of their own trail of faith. In came with sweat understanding and gentle reasureance.

So we waited.

And a door opened.

Today I sit writing this with a pile of boxes around me. There is so much to do, so many things to pack and sort. We are moving and I don't have time to write, really I don't . . .

But I had to say this. God is still working in my life. He is giving me blessings and opportunities I'd never imagine for myself. He is answering my prayers in unexpected ways. I am looking down an new path, with new beginnings.

There are great things to come.

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