The Things I've Learned so Far

As many of you know, I recently began caring for three extra boys to help out family members. Here are some things I've learned in the last two weeks.

1. Vinegar. Who knew it could do so much! Dishes. Laundry. You name it. It's my new favorite cleaner.
2. Meals go much better if you can put ketchup on it.
3. Or syrup.
4. A person who is strong can pick up a giraffe.
5. Spiders don't like gummy bears.
6. I still know most third grade math.
7. But I've forgot some of my times tables.
8. I can make twenty-five paper airplanes in the course of two days.
9. When you tie yarn to a toy, it opens up a whole new world of fun.
10. It also makes you expert at untangling knots.
11. Rubbing yarn on the back of your neck will give you a yarn burn.
12. Diaper is a funny word. Believe me.
13. If a book is about Star Wars, cars, or a character named "Stinky Face." It'll be a hit.
14. My husband is really helpful. He can do dishes, scrub a stained cookie sheet until you can see your face in it, talk an eight-year-old into doing homework, do research on Iroquois Indians, make lunches, drop off kids at school, make four boys really hyper, and some how get them all settled back down for scripture study and prayers.
15. Nine pm is late.
16. Seven-thirty is sleeping in.
17. Sorry notes written with phonetic spelling by a five-year-old ALWAYS say exactly what the person receiving them wants.
18. Running around the house is good. As long as they're laughing, don't interfere.
19. Driving in fog is scary.
20. Automatic van doors are great inventions.
21. A credit card works as a window scraper.
22. Nothing is more exciting than getting to use a blue hand vacuum. It brings instant help.
23. Chocolate chip cookies still make everyone happy.
24. Start the day with a prayer and scripture study.
25. And finally, if all else fails, institute quiet time and pray again.


  1. Now you are not just a good woman, you are a very smart woman! Thank you for sharing the wisdom and the laughs.

  2. Diaper. Yep, you're right.
    And 'pray again' is my failsafe as well.