Get Ready to Meet the Authors!

I'm so excited to start this next series on my blog. Many of the women who submitted stories for "A Circle of Sisters" have agreed to guest post or be interviewed over the course of the next few months. I can't wait for you to meet and get to know more about these women. Each of these women are remarkable in their own ways with countless gifts, talents and strengths. I've learned so much from them and I hope you do too.

Coming Monday, our first guest blogger will be Cynthia Joan Mitchell, who has been interviewed on this blog before. She sent me a beautiful email with the sweetest story about writing for the blog. She's agreed to let me share it as a taste of what's to come.

A funny thing happened while I was trying to figure out what to write about. I went to one of my 'get away' spots where I could sit and think and write for as long as it takes while sipping on a diet soda. I was in a booth at Chic-fil-A at the back of the restaurant and a little old man was in the next booth facing me. I was on a roll...starting one story, then another and as I walked down memory lane thinking about the 'small and simple things' that brought happiness to me, I quickly recorded them in my spiral bound notebook, stopping only to reflect on yet another memory. These are good times. Apparently the little old man was watching me as he gazed up from the newspaper he was holding. Finally, and seemingly unable to contain his thoughts any longer he blurted out "DANG! THAT MUST BE A GOOD LETTER...IT'S WRITTEN ALL OVER YOUR FACE!"
Now as a writer yourself, I'm sure you understand the compliment in his statement. It was a good fact it was several good letters. When I got home and reread what I wrote, I found that I had written a tribute to my good friend that is no longer alive, but still in my heart. I wrote about my sister in-law and fun times we shared...and I wrote about the Relief Society Sisters and the remarkable women they are, along with my testimony to them. It was this writing that I was doing when the little old man noticed the expression on my face. They say members of the Church reflect the light of Christ and I hope that is what I did. We engaged ourselves in a nice little chat about his family and common interests and we both benefited from the shared experiences.
I reminisced about some pretty nice times. I completed two writing projects. And I left with a smile. It was a great day!

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