Guest Blogger Cynthia Joan Mitchell

Celebrating Small and Simple Things

Life’s greatest joy often comes from taking time to enjoy the simple things.  As we mature we loose the spontaneous and adventuresome attitude that just may have gotten us into trouble as a youth, but created memories that will last a lifetime.  I think one of the key elements of staying young is to occasionally let down our guard and enjoy the moment – regardless.

As I think of things that have brought me the greatest joy in my life, some thoughts that come to mind are:

·         Witnessing the miracle of my grandchild’s birth.
·         Sharing confidences with a friend.
·         Petting a steam breathing buffalo on the forehead with nothing but three little strands of barbed wire between us--and living to tell about it.
·         Getting away from the responsibilities and trials of motherhood for a few days with friends and rediscovering our daring, fun-loving personalities emerge from a more youthful time. Laughing and giggling through the night as if we were kids at a slumber party and having the hotel clerk knock on our door telling us to keep the noise down so the other guests can sleep.
·         Skipping with my grandchild.
·         Dancing with my husband under the streetlight on Halloween after the trick-or-treaters’ had all gone home.
·         Door-knocking, on Valentines Day with my three year old grandson as I taught him it’s more fun to give.  Running to hide behind a tree so we wouldn’t be discovered, but allowing just enough of him to show, to bring a smile to an elderly widow as she discovers her valentine and knows she’s loved. 
·         The pride I felt when my grandson asked me to attend the Grandparents Day luncheon.  He swore the popsicle they served would not make my tongue blue.  I smiled broadly at everyone I met--and there were many.  After the luncheon was over, the children went back to class, and as I got into the car and looked into the rear-view mirror, I was horrified as I saw that my lips, teeth and tongue were the most interesting color of deep blue.  What an impression I must have made!

These simple joys make me smile and they add richness to my memories.  Each time I think about the devil-may-care, spontaneous and adventuresome attitude I dared to have, I feel triumphant. 

Holding a baby melts my heart.  Dancing like no one is watching sets me free, and learning to let go of my inhabitations makes me feel bold.  

As I think of these special times I smile as I remember the joy simple pleasures bring.

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