Guest Blogger, Christy Dorrity

Christy is another author who contributed to A Circle of Sisters. For her story, she interview her mother and grandmother. When she suggested interviewing her daughter for the blog, I got excited. What would be better than a child's perspective on Relief Society?Here's a little about Christy and her interview with her daughter. I hope you enjoy it.
Christy Dorrity loves to cook and dance, and write about both. She was taught early to have a discriminating taste for both books and food. Christy grew up on a trout ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming. She taught elementary school and lives in the mountains with her husband Devon and their five young children. When Christy's not Irish dancing or writing, she's probably trying out a new recipe in the kitchen. Christy is the author of The Book Blogger's Cookbooks and her debut YA novel comes out July 2013. 

Mom:  What is Relief Society?
Amberlee:  I don’t know. A mom’s class?
Mom:  Is visiting teaching a part of Relief Society?
Amberlee:  Uhuh.
Mom:  What do we do when we visit teach?
Amberlee:  Teach them a lesson
Mom:  About what?
Amberlee:  Being kind to others.
Mom:  Who do we visit teach to?
Amberlee:  People in our ward.
Mom:  What do you do when your mom is visiting teaching?
Amberlee:  Mom brings us. If there is toys we will go over and play with them.
Mom:  What is charity?
Amberlee:  Cherries(shrugs shoulders)? Relief Society?
Mom:  What does it mean to increase faith and personal righteousness?
Amberlee:  Faith--loving somebody.
Mom:  How can we strengthen home and family?
Amberlee:  By caring about each other, and loving each other.
Mom:  How can we seek out and help people in need?
Amberlee:  Well, what if someone needs help getting a tramp in their backyard? You could help them put the tramp in the yard.
Mom:  What do the ladies do at Relief Society?
Amberlee:  Have fun together!
Mom:  Do you want to be in Relief Society?
Amberlee:  Yes.
Mom: Why?
Amberlee:  Because I’m imagining that it’s going to be fun, even if I’ve never been there.
Mom:  What do you want to know about Relief Society?
Amberlee:  Everything. I don’t know what you do there.
Mom:  Is Relief Society for girls or boys?
Amberlee:  Girls!!!
Mom:  Why are there no boys in Relief Society?
Amberlee:  Because they don’t go to Relief Society, they have their own class, and have the priesthood.
Mom:  What would you tell someone who is nervous to go to Relief Society?
Amberlee:  It’s fun, it’s ok, it’s safe, and you’ll learn more things about the gospel.