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Stacy is an editor and author who has several stories included in "A Circle of Sisters" coming out in April. She blogs at

Welcome Stacy!

I will never forget the day I found out my first book was going to be published. The excitement and sense of accomplishment was overwhelming. All the years of writing and submitting and waiting ... and repeating the process after receiving another rejection letter ... had finally paid off. I felt like I was on top of the world. Then my daughter said, "Mom, now I know I can go after my dreams and do whatever I put my mind to. You didn't give up and your dream came true."

Tears came to my eyes as I realized that I had accomplished something even bigger than getting my book published. I taught my kids a life lesson. Not only did I teach them, I SHOWED them. I showed them that by working hard and not giving up, even when it feels like the odds are piled against you, that you can make your dreams come true.

My husband and I have always told our children that they can do and be anything they want, they just have to be willing to work hard. And I have always been a firm believer in making your own dreams come true. You can't wait for them to come to you or for someone else to make it happen for you. If you want it ~ make it happen!

Since that day, no matter how many books I've sold and no matter how many congratulations I've received, (although, all of that is wonderful!), nothing can be better than knowing that your own children are excited about following their dreams because they saw yours come true. It was a simple comment that my daughter made, but it had a huge impact on how I will tackle future goals.

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  1. Thanks for having me, JoLyn. I'm so excited for this book. I can't wait!

    1. Thank you! You've been so helpful with all of this.

  2. That's wonderful, Stacy! I hope I have done the same for my children, too.

  3. Thank you Stacy. And I love your book!

  4. Great post on how following your dreams can really come true:) Very cool:)

  5. It's great when you see your dreams come true but to inspire others that way is priceless.