Book Blast: I, Spy by Jordan McCollum (With 13 Free Books and Previews!)

Okay, this is so cool. I'm saying this because I, Spy by Jordan McCollum is one of my favorite books I've read this year, and now I can get more free books too. I picked up my copy of I, Spy by Jordan at LDStorymakers in May. I read it in one sitting. It was fun, lots of adventure, and really well written. To demonstrate just how much I liked this book, I will tell you a secret. When we moved to our new place, we had to downsize, especially our double packed bookshelves. I went through all my books and with a sad sense of duty said goodbye to well over half of them. We needed the space and I couldn't justify holding onto so many books that I would never read again or that we had on eBook.

I couldn't donate Jordan's book. It has the special place of honor of being one of about twenty such books that are still on my shelf. (Incidentally, one of the free books being offered, Secret Sisters by Tristi Pinkston is also still on my shelf.)

Here is me with my copy, of I, Spy by Jordan McCollum.

To save her country and her secrets, CIA operative Talia Reynolds must sacrifice the man she loves—but your choice is much easier! Just buy a copy of I, Spy during the book blast AND receive awesome prizes!

What you have to do

Step 1: Buy the book any day from September 19 to September 22. Any retailer will do!
Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble & Smashwords, and direct from!  
Step 2: Email Jordan a copy of the receipt (jordan at Yes, even if you buy the book from Jordan's site, we need to know you want to receive the freebies.
Step 3: Wait with bated breath.

What you're going to get

EVERYONE who participates gets fabulous prizes, including 13 free books and samples from wonderful authors!
The fabulous prizes!

a free copy of A Body in the Backyard (A Myrtle Clover Mystery) by Elizabeth Spann Craig

a free copy of Rose, Undercover (Dead Roses #1.1) by RaShelle Workman

a free copy of Anasazi Intrigue: The Adventures of John and Julia Evans by Linda Weaver Clarke

a free copy of Writing Your Family Legacy by Linda Weaver Clarke (Isn't she awesome?!)

a free copy of Secret Sisters by Tristi Pinkston

a free copy of Dead Running by Cami Checketts

a free copy of First Kiss (Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips 1) by Cindy Hogan

a preview of A Change of Plans by Donna K. Weaver

a sneak preview of The Witnesses by Stephanie Black, out next month!

a sneak preview of Pocket Full of Posies (Hostage Negotiation Team #3)
by Julie Coulter Bellon, out next month!
Christmas ornament
an exclusive look at "I'll Cry for Christmas," a short story by Rachelle J. Christensen

a free copy of Mr. Nice Spy (I, Spy Prequels) by Jordan McCollum


An exclusive sneak preview of Spy for a Spy (Spy Another Day #2) by Jordan McCollum

What if I've already bought I, Spy?

First of all, THANK YOU!! If you take a picture of you with your copy of I, Spy (or the cover on your reading device) and post it somewhere public on the Internet— Facebook (or maybe on Jordan's Facebook page), a Tweet, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, sky's the limit—send Jordan the link and you can have these fabulous prizes too!
So spread the word! The more, the merrier!

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  1. JoLyn! I'm SO flattered to have made the cut! How heartrending to have to lose so many dear friends--er, books. *HUGS*

    Thanks for participating! I'll get you your freebies early next week & I'm linking to your post right now.