Current Crafts-The Baby Booties Fiasco

In the past months I've discovered I'm way more into sewing and craft projects than I realized. I might have gone a little crazy with making things. It got me to thinking, why not post about some of these projects? They aren't about writing, but they are something I really enjoy. Which is what this blog is about after all; celebrating the small and simple things.

So I'm starting a series similar to my WIP and Women I Admire posts. I will label any of my craft projects with Current Crafts and a small description. That way you can avoid or check out the post, depending on if you are interested.

My current crafts are yarn related. I got this idea that it would be fun to make baby booties. I started with a yellow yarn and tried to follow several free patterns online. I got lost. I growled at my crochet hooks. I resorted to YouTube videos.

Me and YouTube made a baby booty. One. It was big enough for my thumb. I set it aside and tried again. With a new video, I made a second baby booty. It was lumpy and big enough for a toddler.

I gave up baby booties and moved on to hats. The first was a disaster big enough for my five-year-old niece, if she would even wear something so bulky and odd looking. I tried again and made a cute yellow hat with a flower. I couldn't believe it. I was so eltated I went hat crazy. This of course led to my needing to make a hat for my son.

The first hat was one that had been on my Knifty Knitter loom since last fall. It was too small. We pulled out more yarn and under his direction, I made my first striped hat (that is too big, but hopefully usable). With him content, I tried to make another baby hat with fine yarn and the wrong size hook. We got a cute white hat that might last the first week. But I was learning.

With piles of hats around me, I decided to get the first part of blanket I'd been working on two years off the loom as well. Now I have half a striped green and white baby afghan that I'm trying to convince myself to finish the other side.

Then, wonder of wonders, I discovered that my previously unused Knifty Knitter flower loom could be used to make baby booties and socks. To get the hang of the loom, I made a few flowers first. Then Youtube and I made one booty, forgot to put in the rows between the heal and the toe, unraveled the first attempt, found another tutorial and made another booty. This one was also big enough for a toddler. I tied it all off and put it with the other two mismatched ones.

So now I have three unpaired baby booties. My son has big feet. So do I. Maybe the baby will too and I'll end up making pairs for the big booties. But I think I'll walk away from them for a while.

On the bright-side I'm getting better at hats and flowers.

Oh, and I have half a baby afghan.

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