My Life: 2014 In Reveiw

A snail my son and I found on a walk. I love God's little miracles.
2014 has taught me a lot about timing and personal revelation. I still am working on most of this stuff, but here are a few things I learned in 2014:

  • Sleep is over rated.
  • God still hears you at one, two, or three o'clock in the morning.
  • I don't spend nearly as much time writing as I think I do.
  • The stuff that worked for my son, doesn't always work with my daughter.
  • Don't wait to do what you need to do. Avoiding things because they are hard, scary, difficult, or new doesn't make them go away. And I just spend a lot of time worrying about them.
  • I am stronger that I thought I was.
  • I am more capable than I thought I was.
  • My son is more like his dad than I realized.
  • Everything good has an opposite. It's the way life is and the reason we are here. Focusing on the good is like focusing on God. Everything good comes from Him. The bad just makes the good sweeter.
  • God will help me be a missionary.
  • God will help me do family history work
  • There is a time and season for everything.
  • God can use imperfect people to do his work. My mistakes can be turned to good. My weaknesses can still be a part of his plan. I don't need to freeze up just because I might mess things up. Trust Him.
  • Take time to be with people. Go to the things that matter to them. Show them you love them by giving your time. Don't wait. 
  • And sometimes, when God tells you to, Just Wait.

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