WIP: Writing Goals for 2015

Here are some updates on what is happening with my writing, at least as far as the foreseeable future goes.

RUN: My first novel is now in Deseret Book Stores and online at Deseret Book and Amazon! Here's a photo my mom took of it in Twin Falls, Idaho Deseret Book. Coolness.

RUN has also been reviewed on a few more awesome blogs. Here are the links if you are interested. 

LDS Women's Book Review by Mindy Holt
Say This Write By Stacy Coles

There will be some giveaways this month, and probably a Book Blast Tour. Hopefully you'll see New Release information popping up on a few more blogs in the next little while too.

THE USURPER'S DAUGHTER: This is my occasionally mentioned romantic fantasy novel in the works. Meaning it's in various stages of first draft, second draft, or in-head-floating-ness. Goal? To get the in-head stuff to first draft form by the end of the month. Following that, editing and hopefully finding beta readers and then beginning the publisher search by the end of the year. If you want to be a beta reader, let me know. Maybe it will spur me on to getting this done. 

COMPANION NOVELS TO RUN: Hmm. First chapter stages here with a lot of character building going on. And the in-head stuff again. But I'm getting there. Goals? To get one of them through the first draft by the end of the year. I've never written a first draft in one year. This is a huge goal. But I can do this!

HOME EVENING FOR THE NEWLY MARRIED: This is a collection of 52 lessons for newlyweds. Focused on Jesus Christ, the lessons are designed to help you get to know each other better and invite the Savior into your marriage though gospel learning combined with lots of fun activities for two. 

This will be published through Walnut Springs at a date to be determined later. I'm planning on finishing the lessons by the end of the month, first of February. One cheer for big goals all squished into January! Fun fact: if you see quotes from conference talks on Facebook or twitter, they are likely part of my study for this book. 

OTHER: I also have a short story/essay about my miscarriage that will be a part of a collection of stories that is being put together by Tristi Pinkston. I'll post more about it as it comes together.

So there's the foreseeable future for you. It's going to be a big year. Thanks for everyone who has been supporting me through my writing journey! I couldn't do it without you! 

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