Love One Another: Day 3

Little Heart Shaped Tums

Look beyond looks.

I put my phone away at my son's basketball practice.
And talked to the woman next to me.
She had five kids with her.
And seemed really tired.
I didn't know if she'd want to talk.
But she did.
I learned a lot.
She adopted two of her kids.
So three of her kids are almost the same age.
I've done a little something like that before.
I was nanny to three boys, two of which where nearly same age as my son.
I get that stress.
She is busy, just like me.
She drives from one place to another.
She worries about dinner.
And homework.
And having too many extracurricular activities
or not enough.
She thinks about where she'll get the money to pay for the activities.
And she forgets things.
Like that it's going to be basketball practice tonight,
and she actually did need her husband to come home early from work.
Even thought she told him she didn't.
And now she's trying to keep all the kids off the court
and entertained and safe
All before she runs to scouts.
I forget things too. All the time.
And I know a bit about scouts.

It was nice to talk.
It was nice to find someone I had more in common with than I knew.
Sitting right by me.
I only had to look.

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