Love One Another: Day Two

Valentine Hearts
Yesterday, I took this as my motto:
Overlook someone's shortcomings.
I told myself:
Overlook the miss-placed math sheets,
homework scattered on the floor.
Overlook the eight-year old boy stuff
that makes you want to pull your hair out.

But twenty after, I'm still digging ice off my car.
And my son is late to school.
But it's my fault.
I should have given myself more time.
And it doesn't stop there.
I get home in time to see the recycling truck drive by.
Without my recycling.
Yes, it was our week.
I second guessed myself and didn't leave it on the curve.
I planned to write more,
clean faster,
make so much more of the day.
Two o'clock rolls around, and I want to crawl into bed.

But there is this whisper, a voice,
relaying to me my motto:
Overlook someone's shortcomings.
Overlook yours.

So I tried.
And found the stuff I did right.
The errands done.
The walk I took; exercise checked off.
I think about how we had dinner,
and even though it was late, we didn't eat out.
And though I was running from one thing to the next,
My little sunbeam was so happy to get
a birthday gift.
I almost didn't take her.
Because of all that other stuff I thought I needed to do.

The laundry sat all day in the washer,
and it might stink now.
But I went to Relief Society
and danced like a crazy momma
in a Zumba daze.
And I felt like I owned the world
When my babies hugged me goodnight.

So day two over, I learned more about love.
How its something you have to give yourself too.
Because sometimes the person you are the hardest on,
is the one that needs Christ-like love the most.

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