Current Crafts: From Pinterest to Reality

I didn't realize how unsure I'd be about sharing my sewing projects online. But I've been doing more sewing than writing lately, so here is the latest round of projects that came about because of Pinterest. Happy me. There's nothing quite like finishing a project.

Baby Shoes! (Okay they didn't fit my little one. She inherited my big feet. But I made a different pair later that did fit.)

Changing pad! Which is actually useful. Not all my projects turned out that way.

 Baby Quilt.

Carseat canopy.

Christmas Projects. The shoes that do fit, fleece gloves, and a few of the many rice heating pads I made as gifts. The snake and chick heating pads were for the kids. My son sleeps with his every night and it's already starting to look worn. Bummer. At least he likes it. . .

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