WIP: Revamping Goals

Where do you put everything you want to do?
I keep thinking about free time, and that saying, "Good, Better, Best."
And I know what the best things are.
My kids. My husband. God.
I had this seminary teacher in high school.
He always drew lines on the board like a scale. We need both sides to be level, to find that point of balance.

Men and Women.
Good experiences and Bad.
Sadness and Happiness.
Rest and Work.
Study and Action.
Everything has its opposite.

I think my job is to find a way to keep things level. Sometimes one side is higher than the other. Sometimes what worked once doesn't work now.
Sometimes you have time to write books and keep lofty word count goals.
Sometimes you want to hold a baby.
It's okay.
My motto over the past few years has become, "To everything there is a season." I've entered a different season.

I still need to write. It's my balance, the weight I put on the opposite side of the scale to even myself out.
So I'm making new goals for writing. I'm ready to shift the focus a little and re-adjust the weights.

My goal is to write at least five days a week for one hour. I'm hoping consistency is better than rare burst of marathon-like writing.

My second writing goal is to summit something to my critique group, no matter how small, every month.

I guess that's why I like the saying "Work in Progress." It implies imperfection and leaves room for change. It carries us up from "good" until we find "best."

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